You are the sentient plunger Plungee. You have a calling to clear clogs. Fulfill your calling in this wacky Platformer made for the 2017 Shenanijam.

Team InternPlay consists of game designers John Hartzell and Tyler Fronczak.

Music in the game was made by Eric Skiff and can be found here:


You can change the music and sfx volume in options.

Known Bugs:

- It is possible to get stuck upside down if you hold space to jump when right next to a pipe over a certain height. 

- There are several areas in the game were the sorting of sprites is out of order.

- In the last level, the last pipe hazard's sewage waterfall is offset quite a bit.

Known Issues:

- The score scrolling takes too long.

- There is no way to reset to the beginning of a level.

- There is no way to go back to main menu until the end of  a level.

- Several colliders need removed or resized.

- There is at least 1 toilet paper that is not collectible in level 2.

Install instructions

Play in full screen if you download the game. If you don't, the camera view can get messed up.  Rendering the game unplayable.


Download 18 MB

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